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Welcome to the 757 renaissance man podcast, on this episode we chop it up with Chester Benton

We get a history lesson about early black radio in the 757

We discuss Daddy Jack Homlmes

The Master Storyteller

How Chester Benton got to WRAP

How he designed the after school rap attack and HJ Ellison

The Soul Ranger and the shot out

How WRAP influenced KDAY in LA

The legend of Bobby Jay and ET!

Chic and Unique!

Getting “Jacked” by Eazy E

Let’s get a history lesson with Chester Benton

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Chester BentonProfile Photo

Chester Benton


Over 50 years in music business
Currently General Manager of CBC Broadcasting
Former Sales manager at IHeart Radio
Former Radio consultant for Rollins Inc
Song writer and owner of Chester B’s Tribute to Motown
Former Program Director WOWI and WRAP
Former Station Manager WRAP
Former Music Director K-94