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Let have a conversation with music producer Jayswiftz.  We talk hip-hop music theory, DJing vs Producing, and Yolandas!

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Jabari El aka Jayswiftzdaproducer originally from Brooklyn East New York now a resident of Virginia (757) is a gifted multitask producer/dj who made a name for himself being a independent entrepreneur in the music industry. Sounding his self with a lot of big dawgs in the business who took him under the wing and showed him the ropes to the game so that he can be successful In his further endeavor. Being involved with music for many years he decided to give his blessings to up and coming producers rappers and singers the knowledge that was giving to him so that they can successfully in this game. Workin with artists like Papoose,Kool g rap, AZ, canibus just to name a few. As well as producers like ToonHeadz, DR Period, Trackmasters, Dr butcher etc.