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Welcome to the 757 renaissance man podcast, on this episode we chop it up with DJ Liek

Me living vicariously through DJ’s

Starting to DJ at 14 and figuring out his path at 16

DJ Liek, Marv P, and Teens with a Purpose!

Advantages and disadvantages of being in the entertainment industry in the 757

Being under 21 and still DJing clubs

How I used to get in clubs back in day, shout out to the milk crates

We play top 5 DJ edition

What is the mix tape came like in 2021

Is physical media dead

I miss liner notes!

And much more!!

Let’s have a conversation with DJ Liek

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DJ liek

DJ Liek is a 19 year old DJ/Producer from Norfolk, Va. DJ Liek, as he is known to most, took his love of music and turned it into a craft that he is passionately pursuing. He has taught himself how to blend and mix tracks, to create new beats and he works to perfect his skills with every event he spins and can entertain any type of crowd, from bars to weddings. Along with his brothers and some close friends, DJ Liek has worked on a variety of projects such as Live in the Garden, a free-style video series that can be found on YouTube and was featured on VH-1. He has even worked with his teachers to create instrumentals to mix with academic content to appeal to his peers. Also he has Opened for international Recognize Artists such as Meek mill,Anderson paak and future DJ Liek’s passion does not end with music, he is also a very activist for his community and donates much of his time and energy to Teens with a Purpose, a youth led empowerment organization that creatively cultivates the next generation of leaders