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Welcome to the 757 renaissance man podcast, on this episode we chop it up with Team Fred

On this episode we discuss

Who is Team Fred

Thank you for your service - African American officers in the military

NCO club, are you supposed to be here?

Getting it from both sides, the officers VS the black community

Teaching comedy to other veterans

Humor is a coping mechanism

Comedy is a mask - I laugh to keep from crying

Listen to what is behind the joke

Performing at the White House vs private events

Clean comedy vs dirty comedy

Does clean comedy makes you more versatile

Recycling the material

And much more!!

Let’s have a conversation with Team Fred

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Team Fred

A native of Hampton, Virginia; Fred a.k.a “Team Fred” is a disable army veteran who gets his comedic wit from his late grandfather who would always be the highlight at all family events. Team Fred carried this legacy to high school where he was voted most WIT his senior year and the accolades didn't stop there. As an engineer major at North Carolina A& T State University he was able to make nerds laugh all the time and it just continued into his professional career as an Army Officer in the military. His soldiers would love the impromptu style that he used during their long runs in the morning as well as their times training in the field. Team Fred didn't capitalize on this hidden talent until February 2013 when he was "dared" by a co-worker to participate in a local open mic night where he went and was an instant hit. Now after many competitions at the Va Beach and Richmond Funny bone Team Fred is becoming a household name and has created a local frenzy in the 757 Virginia area. Team Fred puts on comedy events at various Military installations giving soldiers, veterans and civilians the best medicine, LAUGHTER. Fred also conducts a seminar called “Humor Your Stress” that he gives to military/civilian and it targets on how to deal with stress, anxiety and depression through humor.