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Welcome to the 757 renaissance man podcast, on this episode we chop it up with Nola Ransom-Shoulders

On this episode we discuss

Growing up a North Cackalacky girl

Clubbing in the country a.k.a the hole in the wall

What in the world are our kids listening too?

Being a special education teacher in 2021

Who was her special teacher

As a teacher the work never stops

I expect progress the non profit

Using the proper incentives to motivate

Therapy is normal

Your IEP “attorney”

And much much more!

Let’s have a conversation with Nola Ransom-Shoulders

The 757 Renaissance Man is an innovative podcast, where we empower entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives that benefit the Hampton Roads area. The name is inspired by the Harlem Renaissance; Hampton Roads is going through a similar time. We celebrate the music, the art, the history, and the culture told from the perspective of the people living it. #2up2down

Nola RansomProfile Photo

Nola Ransom

Executive Director

Nola Channell Ransom-Shoulders is a 2012 Sociology graduate of Elizabeth City State University where she also completed two years in the special education program. In 2014, She furthered her career and became a Community Outreach Coordinator for Inner Banks Hotline in Columbia North Carolina.

At Inner Banks Hotline, Nola collaborated with the local school district to raise awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence amongst young children. While at Inner Banks Hotline, she obtained a grant to begin a school social group for middle school girls called “Ladies of Life” also known as “LOL”, which is still in motion on a yearly basis at Tyrrell County Schools.

As of 2021, Nola is a Special Education teacher of students with Emotional Disabilities in the Chesapeake Public Schools District.

During this year, she has also started a nonprofit organization called “I Expect Progress” (IEP) to provide professional development for professionals in education and advocacy for families of school-age children. IEP’s mission is to educate families on resources that will impact students and families with positive independent educational outcomes (with or without disabilities). With over 30 years of combined experience in the special education process that obtain the services, that all children are entitled to under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). IEP will be continuing collaborations with professionally trained special educators who are dedicated to helping individuals.