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Norfolk State University meets North Carolina A&T!

Dr Stevii Mills and I chop it up about the HBCU experience and the importance of black women in faith based entrepreneurship!

Lets chop it up with Dr Stevii Mills! 

The 757 Renaissance Man is an innovative podcast, where we empower entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives that benefit the Hampton Roads area. The name is inspired by the Harlem Renaissance; Hampton Roads is going through a similar time. We celebrate the music, the art, the history, and the culture told from the perspective of the people living it. #2up2down

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Dr. Stevii Aisha MillsProfile Photo

Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills


As an author, she is a noted Amazon bestselling author. She first landed on the bestseller list with her very first book, Cultivating Your IT Factor: 14 Must Haves to Discover, Define and Refine Your Signature Brand - published in 2015. She recently published her 24th book Click To Cash.
As a social media influencer, Stevii is the founder of the “Christian Women Building Big Businesses Group”, a Facebook community of 2800 plus Christian women entrepreneurs that she cultivated organically. From this core group Stevii has been able to launch “Christian Money Makers”, “The Penthouse”, “ The Yacht Club” and “Living The Life I Love Ambassadors” – all communities are designed to support women of faith to get and stay visible.
As a woman of faith, Stevii believes in her causes and clients and entrusts all of her business moves and methods to the God that she serves.
A woman of integrity and honor.
A woman of commitment and clarity.
A woman of fabulosity and fun.
A voice for the people she serves.
A woman of vision who sees the potential in everyone and everything – this is the gift that qualifies Stevii to help others get and remain visible.
Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills is a necessary addition to all stages - her life, her experience and her expertise are certain to bring change where it is needed.