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Welcome to the 757 renaissance man podcast, on this episode we chop it up with Charmaine Swimpson Broome

On this episode we discuss

How we are play play brothers and sisters

How our parents are our favorite teachers

The legacy of Marvin Swimpson

The legend of Brenda Connors and chicken and dumplings

Podcasting gear and why we started

Meeting Kirk Franklin for the first time

Record contracts at 13

Common circles in the 757 from Pharrell to Teddy Riley

R&B and coming home to gospel

Let’s have a conversation with Charmaine Swimpson Broome

This episode is dedicated to Marvin and Arlene Swimpson

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IG: shawnconnors

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Charmaine BroomeProfile Photo

Charmaine Broome

Musician/ Author/ Entrepreneur

Charmaine Swimpson Broome was born on Feb. 24, 1983 to the late Marvin and Arlene Swimpson. She grew up in Chesapeake, Va. with her twin brother Marvin Jr., and their younger brother Julian. She is a singer who’s been blessed to travel the world. Since 2005 she has recorded 4 full albums with Gospel super star Kirk Franklin, and has been on 6 world tours with him as a core alto. She is also a loving wife, bonus mom, and children’s book series author who’s become the Founder/C.E.O of "Blended Families Rock, LLC”. A movement empowering blended families across the globe by helping to bring unity within the family. Helping them finesse a formula that works for them, as well as helping to bridge the gap between non-biological and biological parents. Her books “My Dad Has A Girlfriend”, and “The Big Fight” feature a spunky 7yr old named Aria. Throughout the series Aria teaches young children how to overcome everyday challenges that stem from being in a blended family. Charmaine resides in Atlanta, Ga. along with her husband Claude “Tarrio” Broome, and bonus daughter Londyn. The Blended Families Rock movement is on a mission to change the stigma that blended families can’t be successful! “Blended Families Can Work. They Do Work. It Just Takes WORK”!