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Welcome to the 757 renaissance man podcast, on this episode we chop it up with Dr John Lewis

On this episode we discuss

The evolution of a black video gamer

Black nerds before there were black nerd

Growing up to a different narrative

The Ballad of Kings and Queens:Growing in Camelot

What Boyz in the hood was really like in our neighborhood

Community is cost effective

Don't you know your hood?

The power of podcasting in preserving history

Is John Lewis the smartest person in the room?

John:The Prototype Shawn: The Product

Camelot VS Deep Creek

Dr Chidinma Nwakanma, Black girl magic personified!

The story of the Emremix podcast

And much much more!

Let’s have a conversation with Dr John Lewis and the Emremix podcast

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John Lewis

Born in Norfolk, VA. Raised in Chesapeake in Camelot aka The Lot. John is a graduate of Deep Creek HS, Morehouse College, Hampton University and Howard University College of Medicine. He trained in emergency medicine in the fabled Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL. He currently serves as an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. He has practiced at Emory over the last 4 years three of which he was awarded teacher of the year for the department of Emergency Medicine Emory University Hospital Hospital Midtown 3 of those four years. A soldier on the frontline of multiple battles, health,, education, and justice for more than 20 years, John has built a new army and is actively recruiting for a new campaign for freedom. This banner for this movement is Emergency Medicine Remix -code name: EM Remix.