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Special #c4challenge episode!!! Day 5 - 757 Renaissance Man - Chopping it up with Big Vino
Let chop it up with Big Vino and find out what the Laughing Gas is about! 





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Big Vino

Comedian / Actor / Host

Big Vino is an authentic comedic voice whose hilarious anecdotes and candid insights endear him to all generations.

You’ve seen him at the Comedy Cabana, the Stress Factories, and the Virginia Beach Funny Bone opening for some of the biggest acts in the country ( Karlous Miller, Bruce Bruce, Ryan Davis, Finesse Mitchell, etc) but Vino’s journey started in Newark, New Jersey where he was born and raised. As a child, his natural charisma and eagerness to entertain should have been a clue to what his future would hold. But like far too many who grew up in the urban jungle, the temptation of "Street Life" would seduce him and he would squander years of potential deeply invested in a game that would claim so many of his friends’ lives. At his core, Big Vino sought to leave the lifestyle of drugs and crime, so he packed up and moved away from everything he knew to try his hand at ordinary life in Virginia.

Adjusting to legitimate work was harder than expected and Vino soon found himself itching to get back to his old ways. That is until an old friend reminded him of a time he joked his way out of a gunfight. It was the elephant in the room he had been ignoring his whole life. He’d learned to use his sense of humor and street savvy to navigate through life, why not take those same skills to the stage?

A true comedy rookie, Big Vino AKA #MrFeedYoGirl, looked to debut his raw talents on one of the biggest of stages: a packed house at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone’s Clash of the Comics. That night he captured the audience's hearts and indefinitely set the tone for his career as another great comedian to be cultivated by Virginia’s top comedy club.

Although that night he was disqualified, victory would not elude him long and he would soon be added to the club’s roster of paid regulars.