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Welcome to the 757 renaissance man podcast, on this episode we chop it up with Sagi of Tech Gear Talk

On this episode we discuss

Sorry everyone, we are going to geek out today!

Sagi is the reason I am broke today!

Buy it nice or buy it twice

Is 4k worth it

The canon R8 vs everybody

What's more important: the camera, the audio, the lights or the lens?

Cheap lights are everything

Learning, trying, then execution

A good mic is a great investment

What comes first the lens or the camera

And much much more!

Let’s have a conversation with Sagi

Sagi ShiloProfile Photo

Sagi Shilo

Creator of Tech Gear Talk

Sagi is the founder and creator of Tech Gear Talk (https://www.youtube.com/techgeartalk). He has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in web-based application development, SEO and marketing - and is now a full-time creator.

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