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Welcome to the 757 renaissance man podcast, on this episode we chop it up with Michael Muñoz

On this episode we discuss

Puerto Rico in the house!

What is was like growing up nuyorican

In the heights and was afro latino culture represented

We are here for the isms!

Pinchos and siestas are real!

Disney vs New York, what's more expensive?

The Michael Muñoz New York tour experience

The ballad of Lance the Honda Accord and the Vascepa

In Yo Mouth podcast!  And celebrating LGBTQIA people in the food space

Why Michael Muñoz was booked and shout out to my daughter Jai

Discrimination is the same no matter what your ism is

Learning what the rules are and how do you ask the questions

The responsibility of being a source of education

Some people do need to be canceled!

And we have to talk about food!

Let’s have a conversation with Michael Muñoz

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Michael MuñozProfile Photo

Michael Muñoz

Food Writer/ Food Podcaster

Michael Muñoz - While known to most as a perfectly combined fashionable food enthusiast, Muñoz fancies himself a fearless & accomplished home-trained cook who gets his pizazz, wit, and style from the city that raised him — New York! As a successful food blogger, writer, culinary emcee, and podcast host passionate about all things food, friendship, and The Golden Girls, Muñoz has also been making it his life's mission to lift the voices of LGBTQ+ people in the culinary industry since 2009. With the realization that there were no Queer POCs like himself represented in the food media world, it set him on a fabulous journey that has taken him to places he would have never imagined. Muñoz's success has expanded beyond his own platforms with on-air appearances, guest spots on countless podcasts, and into the pages of W42ST magazine as their resident food correspondent. Muñoz's unapologetic, bold style and unwavering commitment to the LGBTQ+ community has not only garnered collaborations with major brands but continues to attract thousands of followers.