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#c4challenge - Day 13 - 757 Renaissance Man - Kirk Nugent unscripted

October 16, 2021

#c4challenge - Day 13 - 757 Renaissance Man - Kirk Nugent unscripted
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Unscripted conversation with the incomparable Kirk Nugent

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Kirk Nugent

Live Video Strategist

the Geek Speaker Preacher. Kirk Nugent is an Innovator, Leader, Speaker and YouTuber who teaches Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Faith-Based Entities how to simplify live stream mechanics to shine a floodlight on their brand. With over 15 years experience in Media/Technology Management he provides Leadership training assisting organizations to leverage innovation. Kirk is the Host and Producer of the show "How it All Werks" and has been instrumental behind several large-scale Livestream broadcasts. His topics are technology focused but he delivers the content with the flair of a Pastor and the energy of a Life Coach. He is a self-professed Jesus Geek who loves to engage with audiences.